Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Simple Answer!

New Proposed Bylaws passed by unanimous vote.  Yay!  (And sorry, but the purpose of our Computer Club is not "for $5 we fix your computer."  <grin>)
Links for reference:
Optic Nerve: Millions of Yahoo Webcom images captured <link>  But the problem wasn't the legal or privacy issues – it was trying to keep the staff out of the images containing “undesirable nudity.”  (ahh … makes me think how many contained Desirable Nudity?)
Microsoft Technical Support Calls  <link>  Or the short version:  if you get a shady 'technical support' telephone call out of the blue, ask "What is my IP address?"
Maps to understand the world:  <link>
How to I change my email address?  <link>  See presentation for more links - I'm really liking "Ask Leo" for his answers.
Lastly … Don't call your self stupid for not understanding computers!  <link>

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