Monday, June 17, 2013

June 2013 Q&As

It's the session where Bob tries and sometime succeeds in giving simple answers to questions that the Senior Surfer Membership has asked.  It was certainly a grab bag this week:

  • HP's Printing from Tablets & Smart Phones - "ePrint"
  • Can you still buy Windows 7 PCs? (though Bob recommends Windows 8 with one of the many free fixes)
  • My computer is slow ... Why?  A recommendation for the free program "Should I Remove it?" and a study of crapware.  Plus, use RevoUninstaller if the program does't want to go away.
  • What is the Clear Cast "Free TV?" (it's a fancy set of rabbit ears.)
  • Do you trust your Government?  A rare excursion into politics.
  • Do you need an application updater?  (no.)
  • CCleaner screwed up my computer - what happened?
  • Do Tablets and Smart Phone need Anti-virus programs?

And a bunch of other quickies - you'll have to check out the slides for those!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wallet card for Emergency Medical Information

Click <here> to open an on-line version of the medical card handed out in class.  You can even fill the form out and print it directly, or download it for off-line use.  To made a double-sided card, print the form on both sides of a heavy-weight paper, this will make four copies to cut out and share.


Questions & 'Stuff'

Topics include:  The Dell XPS 10, a good Windows 8 (RT) computer; Application and Device Driver updaters, do you need one? Which Anti-virus is Best? Who's got your Back or will your ISP rat you out?  Buying Carla a new computer, and what should be a new user's first computer?

The animated gifs don't seem to work if you open the presentation inside a browser, so download and view if you want to see what it takes to win at 'Snake.'  <grin>