Friday, March 27, 2015

Bob's Bytes

Topics of the Day: Windows 8 Games, Video Panoramas, Microsoft ICE, and Why 'Click to display Images?"

The Cyber-Seniors Documentary:  <trailer> and <Gallery>

Friday, March 13, 2015

Not Just PCs!

A grab bag of topics - 'Not just PCs!'
  • Visit our evolving web site:  <link>
  • Be sure to checkout our new Veteran's page.  <link>  Do you have any pictures for this?  Spouses, siblings, and offspring in Uniform count!  Send 'em to:
  • Email Tracing:
  • The $35 Raspberry Pi single board computer.  <link>  Just add a mouse & keyboard, power supply and a HDMI monitor for an great project computer.  Or get a kit with accessories like this:  <Amazon Link>
  • Ask Leo about the Microsoft Account <link>  or how to go back to a local account <link>
  • Good video on Electric Cars: CNet's Top5 Best Selling EVs <link>  
Selected items from the preshow:
  • Airpano has really panoramas, here is a video of them:  <link>  I will be talking more about these in a future show.  (Was supposed to be this week, but oh well.)
  • Lost in the Fifites <link>
  • The must see: Zapatou's Youtube 10th Anniversary <link>  Just under 200 videos in 3:30.
  • And if you want to track down that video which was cut to only 1 second in the above, here's the complete playlist: <link>