Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Last One (of the year)

Topics of the day:
  • Angler Phishing
  • A/V Copying: Analog to Digital copying (VHS>DVD, LPs>CDs) and Digital to Digital copying (DVD or CD > files)
  • Speeding up an old XP computer
  • OT: The Orville
  • Beginner’s Corner:  “Opening” files; Video Cables
  • Net Neutrality & an update
  • Deleting Duplicative Files With Ccleaner & Clonespy
  • What’s the “Best” CPU?
  • Comparing the new iMac to Dell Insp 27 AIO


Bonus - I forgot to print these handouts!  Click <link> to open and optionally download your copy.
  • The Audio/Video Cable Guide <link>
  • How to delete duplicate files with Ccleaner and CloneSpy <link>

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cloud Storage

by Elaine Drain

Handout containing links to Cloud Storage Tutorials and Download Sites

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Chromebooks and more

The day's topics:
  • Security News: Kaspersky & the US; WPA2 & the KRACK vulnerability
  • Chromebooks - is one for you?
  • Windows 10 update v1709, What's New?
  • Beginner's Corner:  Downloads


Thursday, October 19, 2017

BROWSERS: Firefox vs. Chrome

By Elaine Drain

Click on below link for a:
Brief Summary for downloading and printing

Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Next One

New Weekly Raffle - aka '50/50':
Topics of the week:
  • Updates: Equifax and Ccleaner
  • Q: Lastpass w/o install - 3 different ways to do this
  • - dictate to your computer
  • Beginner’s Corner: Browsers, Home pages, and Search Engines

Link to the Beginners Handout:  <link>
Containing Instructions for IE, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome to:
    Links to download browsers
    How to change the default browser
    How to change the default Home Page
    How to change the default Search Engine

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Equifax Fiasco

What happened and what you can do about it; and some words about the Ccleaner infection found.  (We never got to browsers or finding duplicate files - Next time!)

Links and comments:
  • On the Ccleaner infection: just update to the latest version available here <link> and you're good.
  • Funny / informative 'rant' from Dave Ramsey:  <link>  I used parts of this in the presentation
  • Were you involved:  (Yes that's the real/right site.  Lots of details, click on red boxes at the bottom of the page for checks.  The Rick Smith, Equivfax CEO video is also here.)
  • Get your free credit reports here: 
  • Brian Krebs frequently asked questions Credit Freezes:  <link>  (Pre-Equivfax!)
  • Krebs' what you should know:  <link> a very nice Q&A review
  • Ask Leo Notenboom what it all means:  <link> Leo answers the questions the way I try to.
  • Credit freeze charges for all states:  <link> (It's $5 for Delaware seniors)
  • Short version Credit Freeze and Thaw Guide:  <link>
  • Enroll in the free Credit Monitoring by Equifax:  <link> free up to Nov 17, 2017
  • Put a Fraud Alert on your account <link>  Also free
  • Put a Freeze on your account at Equifax:  <link
  • To Opt out of prescreened credit card offers:  <link>
And this just in:  from Equifax - you will not be automatically charged the next year if you sign up for the free credit monitoring, and Equifax credit freezes will be free up to Nov 21. 2017.  Equifax is trying to be good, the cynic in me says 'Very trying!"

Harnessing Internet Search Engines

By Gus Cordova ("Intermediate computer user")


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Interesting Stuff

I think I was excited about this presentation because it covered such a wide range of topics and gave me more things to editorialize about.  Stuff we talked about included:
  • Stuff for sale & giveaway - computers, ink cartridges to give away, cheap stuff.
  • The Marcus Hutchins Story - should be a movie thriller some day
  • The CIA hacks the NSA - you can't make this stuff up.
  • Microsoft’s Windows 10 S - do not want!
  • Password Guidance Review - use good passwords for important sites, and start it with a special character
  • LastPass: Password Manager - the most popular one
  • Have I been Pwned? - A good site for checking your email and passwords
  • SQRL: No password login - and no name or email address either.

Marcus Hutchins:
  • saves the world from WannaCry:  <link>
  • is an evil hacker:  <link>
  • is a good guy:  <link>
  • why was he arrested?  <link>
  • UK let him Hutckins be arrested <link>
  • who is he really?  <link>
Secure Quick Reliable Login (SQRL) - Thisis a not quite ready for prime time method of replacing names and passwords to login to websites and services, both from trusted and un-trusted computers and devices.  It works and is marvelously simple for the user.  My user's guide linked below is the easiest way to learn about it; the GRC SQRL home page tends to be much more text oriented but is better for the technical details of how it works.
  • Home page:  <link>
  • Direct Download Link:  <link>  This is an executable hosted on
  • Demo login page:  <link>  Install first, create an ID, then click this link.
  • Newsgroup:  <>  (You need a Newsgroup reader to access this)
  • User's guide ("for Dummies" written by BobB:  <link>
Other links:
  • Windows 10 S:  <link>
  • Lastpass' homepage:  <link>
  • Have you been "Pwned?" (aka hacked?)  Check by email account:  <link>
  • Can even see if you password(s) are available online:  <link>
  • Troy Hunt talks about Have you been Pwned on Hack5:  <link>
  • Our Own Ned's Colorado train trip: <link>

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Great American Eclipse

1. No, I don't have any extra eclipse glasses.
2. DASEF (Big Oak Park, Smyrna) is having an eclipse party on Aug 21 starting at 1pm.
3. They will have 550 eclipse glasses for sale ($1) starting at 1pm at the party.  Sorry, no presales, limited to those at the party, limited number per person.
4.  Other details in the presentation:

NASA Interactive Map: 
DASEF Website:

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Email Basics

By Elaine Drain
August 3, 2017

Additional Resources:
Is Gmail Secure?
All About Phishing

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Passwords - Tips and Tricks

Intro: for the mildly paranoid
What do you do if you forget  your password?
    Or it doesn’t work?
Cracking Passwords
How are passwords stored?
    How passwords are cracked
   Lesson: creating a good PW
LastPass: Password Manager

Pew Research Quiz on Cyber Security:
9 Security tips for the Midly Paranoid:
I'm given up on password because of this:
Information about found passwords:
LastPass Help:

And the answer?  Next time!

AARP Fraud Presentation

From 15 June:

Note:  If downloaded you can see all the notes associated with each slide.

WIndows 10 f/Windows 7 Users

(Sorry - I thought I had posted this before.)

Worried about the 'new' interface of Windows 10?  Worry no longer, this one's for you: a 'how to' for Windows 10 users: The Desktop, Menu & Taskbar, the new 'Settings' Dialogs, change the default browser, and Apps vs. Programs.


Friday, May 19, 2017


May 18, 2017
Elaine Drain

Links included on Handout: 

Helpful Applications 
Acronis True Image – 

Ninite - 

uBlock Origin – 

Speccy - 

Nomorobo - 

Helpful Links 
Do you know what to do if your computer or laptop is stolen? 

FTC Identity Theft Website – 

File a complaint with the FTC –

Download Handout with Links

Friday, May 12, 2017

Your SSN, an Alternative, and a Privacy Review

Whew!  Every once in a while we need one of these - maybe not challenging, but one that makes both audience and presenter mental neurons to light up a bit more brightly.

SSN:  We started off with a CGP Grey video on your Social Security Card, the defacto identification card of America.  A card "... containing a national number for citizens that don't want one, on a identification card that fails at identification, given to all citizens - except when it isn't - for a program that's universal, except when it's not."  (Triva: the SSN number shown in the video has an interesting history.  Homework: go look it up!)

For Consideration:  There is a way for a number to be given to all citizens which could be used for identification without that number ever being directly disclosed.  And, if your (secret) number is not given to anyone, it becomes much harder for others to steal it and pretend to be you.  Read that again -  at first it sounds impossible - how can you use a secret number for identification without ever telling anyone that number?  That is the beauty of "PKI", a Public Key Infrastructure, which uses a mathematically proven method for identity verification.  This something I've talked on before, and will continue to approach from different angles.  Next time: using PKI to eliminate passwords.

Stupid Congressman Quote of the day:  (in response to relaxing restrictions on ISPs) "The Internet is Optional" - Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wisconsin.)  As one comment said, I challenge him to run for re-election without he or his staff using the Internet.  That includes, no email, no mobile phones, and no computers.  The internet is as optional as indoor plumbing, cars, or electricity.

Net Neutrality:  The current administration is trying to revoke restrictions on Internet Service Providers that ensure equal access to the Internet to all customers and content producers.  John Oliver again stirs the pot with another very funny diatribe.  <link>  The FCC tried to hide the link for comments deep on their website, but they found it; here is a direct link for you to submit comments to the FCC about this issue:  Recommended!

Proactive Privacy, Really!  Steve Gibson of has a weekly podcast on the network called "Security Now."  Among other things, episode 607 dealt with the methods that others use to track you on the Internet and the actions you can take to thwart that tracking.  This ~2 hour podcast is available in video, audio and text versions at GRC, TWiT, and YouTube:

The pertinent section starts at 1:43:40 into the video.  Starting at slide 33, the presentation below supplements the video with the points presented.

In brief, Gibson covers:  The tracking industry and methods of tracking you (IP address, Cookies, HTTP redirection, Browser Plug-ins, Meta Data, DNS, web sites, ISPs) and protection methods (Incognito mode, VPNs, TOR, VMs.)  If you really don't want to be tracked you have to change your IP address, change you browser (and preferably your computer), use a VPN, use incognito mode, never login anywhere, use DNS crypt and turn off cookies.

All this is not cost free.  Aside from an paid VPN (free VPNs are not to be trusted) many web sites will break, and of course, any eCommerce and eMail will be impossible.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Elaine Drain
April 20, 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Senior Surfers Computer Club Orientation

Several times a year, this orientation is presented for new members of the computer club, and for members of the Newark Senior Center. Want to know what our club offers? Check this out.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Fraud & ID Theft

Kristin Macdonald, Senior Fraud Team Manager, Bank of America:


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Questions from the Floor.

Thanks to all that braved the terrible weather to attend.  Topics were:

  • What is "The Internet?" - more than just www
  • Verizon & email - yes, Verizon *iS* moving customers to AOL
  • Outlook mail defaults - you can change the font
  • Movie Sins: Breaking codes, it doesn't work that way
  • Avast asking for $ - not all features are free
  • How to back up - press the button, move the stick down and to the side
  • How do you make text bigger? - short answer: <Ctrl>+
  • Restore files w/Macrium Reflect - easy, pesy
  • Pointer tricks - options for your mouse
  • WiFi Hotspots w/iPhone - yes, you can.
  • Showing file extensions - and yes you should
  • Win10 Task bar freezing - use the Windows Univeral Fix, reboot!
  • Java Resources - What do you have the needs it?
Links of note:
  • Verizon switching to AOL email.  <link>  Wait for your personal email.
  • Android overtakes Windows for OS Market Share Worldwide  <link>
  • Bigger Printed Text  for eMails  <link>
  • Macrium Reflect Free <link>
  • How to turn Windows 10 PC into a Hotspot <link>

Coming Attraction:  Your SSN and a truly secure personal ID number.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Gus presents:


  • Laptop Use:  <link> <link>
  • Seating Principles <link>
  • Obus Chair Cushions <link>

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Google Photos

Elaine Drain

Link to Handout

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Simple Answers for March

Topics of the day:
  • Ransomware
  • Microsoft Office and Libre / Open Office
  • “Can you hear me?”
  • Adobe Reader & Win10
  • How do I backup? (WHS 2011)
  • Stopping unwanted phone connections


Here's a new word for you: "Teledactyl"!

Given by Carolyn Morris, Director of Telehealth Planning and Development, Delaware Health and Social Services

Link for a PDF of the above presentation (much smaller than the PPT):  <link>

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Good Q&A

I didn't get to everything on the list, but those we did were the important ones:
  • How to login to LabCorp? Which turns into what’s an “Account?”
  • Should I update this? OEM-added software (Dell pop-up on screen) – Good or Bad?
  • Which Router should I buy? A review of current technology. And yes, you can add a second router to your network for better coverage.
  • Did a Senior Surfer get ‘Hacked?’ Interesting tale of an email ‘Phish.’
  • Misc: Speakers, Smart TV, Taxact. Quickies – which sometimes turn into long discussions
  • Fake and not-so-fake news. In the tech field it’s sometimes hard to tell.
Here 'tis:


  • The hand-out notes:  {Link}
  • The 'Ask Leo' article on Accounts, Addresses, Programs and Services.  {link}
  • How to add a Router as an Access point:  {link}  (p.s., it doesn't have to be old, and it could even be located right next to the 'old' router.)
  • Trace emails with this:  {link}
  • How to turn off "Spying" settings on Smart TVs.  {link}
  • All Superbowl Ads:  {link}
  • Mr. Clean:  {link}

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ken Mulholland - Searching with Google

Here's the handout from Ken's presentation:

Friday, January 27, 2017

That's a Good Question!

We discuss:
  • What is the new Smart911 Senior Surfer project?
  • Was it really the Russians hacking the election?
  • How do you encrypt a file, folder or drive?

We show how to:

  • To encrypt files with Microsoft Office, LibreOffice and AEScrypt.
  • To encrypt groups of files or folders use 7-Zip or VeraCrypt.
  • To encrypt a flash drive use Microsoft's Bitlocker-to-go.

Instant Websites

Steve Worden (we know him from the Radio Newark WIZU ["Science Radio"] presentations) talked on:
  1. What websites do...and don't.
  2. The basics of blogs.
  3. Instant websites -- the good, the bad, and why they are right for you

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Keeping Secrets

Topics of the day:  Google warnings, true and false; MalwareBytes updates to v3; risk management; who knows what about you and what you can do about it; and securing your secrets with encryption.

New record: 114 slides!  You don't have to look at them all, there was padding because of all the screen captures to show the steps in demonstrated programs.  On any slide that shows it, click on the red rectangle in the lower right (it looks like a play button) to jump to the next point.  Or click through if you want to see the details!


  • How the DNC got hacked by a false Google email warning  <link>
  • Brian Krebs' 3 Rules for online security <link>
  • MalwareBytes updates to v3:  <link>
  • MalwareBytes is being more aggressive with PUPs  <link>
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation's Surveillance Self-Defense help  <link>
  • How unique are you? (i.e., your browser on the Internet)  <link>
  • All ISPs are now required to track you in the UK <link>
  • The TOR project for enhanced anonymity on the Internet (not security!)  <link>
  • GRC Haystacks - How good is your password?  <link>
  • Free single file encrypter: AES Crypt  <link>
  • Preferred third-party free Zip file utility, "7-Zip"  <link> (f/encrypted folders)
  • Best overall third-party folder and disk encrypter, "VeraCrypt" <link>
  • How to use Microsoft's BitLocker <link>
  • Epic Music on Youtube:  <link>
Phew!  What a way to start the year.