Thursday, August 20, 2015

Windows 10: Before, During and After

A new record!  We had *87* people attending this presentation.  We apologize for those that that may have got stuck in the back; had we known that so many were coming we would have not set up all the tables to have more room.

This was a presentation on:
  1. Getting ready for Windows 10,
  2. The process of installing Windows 10, and
  3. Some of this things you should look for after installing Windows 10
I had 87 slides in this presentation, and naturally, did not get to show them all.  All are included below, although I'll probably also show them in a future presentation.

Part 1 - Getting ready.  This part was mainly how to make an image backup of your computer using either the built-in Windows 7 or 8 tools, Acronis True Image, or Macrium Reflect free.  Although most of the Windows 10 installs have been error-free, and those that weren't corrected themselves, it's always nice to have a safety net and insurance if all goes bad.  A good image backup is that safety net.
Part 2 - Installing and Configuration.  I've done 4 upgrades so far, one of these live during this presentation.  It took 1 hour, 20 minutes on a 6.5 year old laptop - and completed seemingly without error.  (Give me time to check all the applications before pronouncing it done!)