Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Good Q&A

I didn't get to everything on the list, but those we did were the important ones:
  • How to login to LabCorp? Which turns into what’s an “Account?”
  • Should I update this? OEM-added software (Dell pop-up on screen) – Good or Bad?
  • Which Router should I buy? A review of current technology. And yes, you can add a second router to your network for better coverage.
  • Did a Senior Surfer get ‘Hacked?’ Interesting tale of an email ‘Phish.’
  • Misc: Speakers, Smart TV, Taxact. Quickies – which sometimes turn into long discussions
  • Fake and not-so-fake news. In the tech field it’s sometimes hard to tell.
Here 'tis:


  • The hand-out notes:  {Link}
  • The 'Ask Leo' article on Accounts, Addresses, Programs and Services.  {link}
  • How to add a Router as an Access point:  {link}  (p.s., it doesn't have to be old, and it could even be located right next to the 'old' router.)
  • Trace emails with this:  {link}
  • How to turn off "Spying" settings on Smart TVs.  {link}
  • All Superbowl Ads:  {link}
  • Mr. Clean:  {link}

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ken Mulholland - Searching with Google

Here's the handout from Ken's presentation: