Friday, September 22, 2017

The Equifax Fiasco

What happened and what you can do about it; and some words about the Ccleaner infection found.  (We never got to browsers or finding duplicate files - Next time!)

Links and comments:
  • On the Ccleaner infection: just update to the latest version available here <link> and you're good.
  • Funny / informative 'rant' from Dave Ramsey:  <link>  I used parts of this in the presentation
  • Were you involved:  (Yes that's the real/right site.  Lots of details, click on red boxes at the bottom of the page for checks.  The Rick Smith, Equivfax CEO video is also here.)
  • Get your free credit reports here: 
  • Brian Krebs frequently asked questions Credit Freezes:  <link>  (Pre-Equivfax!)
  • Krebs' what you should know:  <link> a very nice Q&A review
  • Ask Leo Notenboom what it all means:  <link> Leo answers the questions the way I try to.
  • Credit freeze charges for all states:  <link> (It's $5 for Delaware seniors)
  • Short version Credit Freeze and Thaw Guide:  <link>
  • Enroll in the free Credit Monitoring by Equifax:  <link> free up to Nov 17, 2017
  • Put a Fraud Alert on your account <link>  Also free
  • Put a Freeze on your account at Equifax:  <link
  • To Opt out of prescreened credit card offers:  <link>
And this just in:  from Equifax - you will not be automatically charged the next year if you sign up for the free credit monitoring, and Equifax credit freezes will be free up to Nov 21. 2017.  Equifax is trying to be good, the cynic in me says 'Very trying!"

Harnessing Internet Search Engines

By Gus Cordova ("Intermediate computer user")


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Interesting Stuff

I think I was excited about this presentation because it covered such a wide range of topics and gave me more things to editorialize about.  Stuff we talked about included:
  • Stuff for sale & giveaway - computers, ink cartridges to give away, cheap stuff.
  • The Marcus Hutchins Story - should be a movie thriller some day
  • The CIA hacks the NSA - you can't make this stuff up.
  • Microsoft’s Windows 10 S - do not want!
  • Password Guidance Review - use good passwords for important sites, and start it with a special character
  • LastPass: Password Manager - the most popular one
  • Have I been Pwned? - A good site for checking your email and passwords
  • SQRL: No password login - and no name or email address either.

Marcus Hutchins:
  • saves the world from WannaCry:  <link>
  • is an evil hacker:  <link>
  • is a good guy:  <link>
  • why was he arrested?  <link>
  • UK let him Hutckins be arrested <link>
  • who is he really?  <link>
Secure Quick Reliable Login (SQRL) - Thisis a not quite ready for prime time method of replacing names and passwords to login to websites and services, both from trusted and un-trusted computers and devices.  It works and is marvelously simple for the user.  My user's guide linked below is the easiest way to learn about it; the GRC SQRL home page tends to be much more text oriented but is better for the technical details of how it works.
  • Home page:  <link>
  • Direct Download Link:  <link>  This is an executable hosted on
  • Demo login page:  <link>  Install first, create an ID, then click this link.
  • Newsgroup:  <>  (You need a Newsgroup reader to access this)
  • User's guide ("for Dummies" written by BobB:  <link>
Other links:
  • Windows 10 S:  <link>
  • Lastpass' homepage:  <link>
  • Have you been "Pwned?" (aka hacked?)  Check by email account:  <link>
  • Can even see if you password(s) are available online:  <link>
  • Troy Hunt talks about Have you been Pwned on Hack5:  <link>
  • Our Own Ned's Colorado train trip: <link>