Sunday, February 17, 2019

NSC Senior Surfers Computer Club Overview

From Doug Gibney ...
  • Resources for all Senior Center Members
  • Additional Resources for Senior Surfer Members - Must also be a member of the Senior Center
  • A Tour of our Lab & Website

Friday, February 8, 2019

Taxes, Podcasts, YouTube and other Entertainments

As stated:

Topics presented were:
  • The Google+ Shutdown, 
  • Filing 2018 Income Taxes and Bob's experience with TurboTax, 
  • Unboxing of the Amazon Echo Dot (it worked, "no step 2"), 
  • Podcasts (go listen to RadioLab's "The Punchline") and iTunes, then,
  • Lots of videos to watch on YouTube.
This was a link- and video-heavy presentation.  Even the in-class handout had 10+ links and many things to search for.  Rather than copy all of those links into this posting, just click <here>.  Or, if you want the same thing in a Microsoft Word file, <link>.

That should open a PDF/DOCX file in a separate window with my notes - and that includes a lot more information than the hand-out the attendees got in the class.  Plus, because it's a computer file, there are many links to click on and investigate!  If you don't have time to look at them all, just save the file for a rainy day.*

To be honest, I spent a lot more time on this than my typical presentation.  It was, and is, an interesting time waster entertainment exercise.  I hope you enjoy reading/watching it as much as I did preparing it.

-Bob Bloom
p.s.  *it's raining today!