Friday, July 24, 2015

A News & Q&A Day

Today's Topics:
  • Breaking News:  The OPM Hack included Fingerprints, The Hacking Team was Hacked, the Chrysler car Hack, Windows 10 is almost here, and MSE on XP is no longer.
  • A follow-up to last week's Phish, find out how it worked
  • Part two of Imaging - needed before you take the Windows 10 plunge
  • And 10 questions from the audience

Friday, July 17, 2015

Ted Wilks - Audacity

Using Audacity - the music editor:

Bonus:  Here's an excerpt from Bob's presentation of October 2014 with additional details of how to connect things up and what Audacity is doing - converting Analog signals to Digital numbers.  The full presentation, which has more information about turntables and LPs, is here:  <link>

Special bonus:  Here is a PDF from the Audacity class that we teach occasionally:  <link>  In this paper we show how to separate out and save the tracks from recorded LPs using the tools in Audacity.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

More Bytes

Topics of the day:
  • iTunes Demo - Podcasts (Continuation of last week)
  • Internet Music (How to Get and save it)
  • Talk to Google (New Feature built-in to Chrome)
  • Firefox & Tracking (eliminate tracking and speed up your browsing)
  • Windows 10 Demo (finally got it to work)
  • Best AntiVirus (ymmv!)

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bob's Bytes

This Week's Topics:
  • My Birthday Gifts: a new Laptop and my first ever Smart Phone.  My Experiences and Observations
  • More Windows 10: How to reserve a copy, Should you reserve a copy, Should you 'upgrade' at all, and Getting rid of that Windows 10 notification.
  • PodCasts & iTunes:  A great combination whether or not you have a Apple device.

Here's a link to the popular John Wayne's "God Bless America" video:  <link>
The 1970 TV special from which that song is from is available at Amazon:  <link>

I made a list of almost all the actors in that video, but I didn't know a couple - can you help?

Lorne Greene ?Forrest Lewis? ?Ross Martin? William Shatner

 ?Hal Williams?  ?Celeste Holm?  ?child?  Dennis Weaver

 ? + ?Edward Faulkner?