Friday, February 27, 2015

Questions from the Mailbag

(Actually, topic/questions/points from the clipboard passed around two weeks ago, but 'Questions from the Mailbag' is more catchy than 'Questions from the clipboard passed around two weeks ago.')

Today we talked about:

  • VHS tape to DVDs
  • Monthly Computer Updating
  • Adobe Flash Problems
  • Slides to Digital Data
  • Facebook Uploading Pictures
  • Changing files in Google Groups (drive?)
  • Bing Rewards
  • Re-instate Hotmail
  • Recover files lost from Desktop
  • Netflix instead of Cable
  • What Computer to buy

A new record - over 90 slides!

(although 30 of them were Cats or Dogs!)

Good links:  
Ninite for Program installs and updates. <link>
Ccleaner for Computer Maintenance actions. <link>
What version of Adobe flash are you running?  And it is up-to-date?  <link>
VueScan for those old scanners without drivers.   <link>
Cable cutter references:
     Is it available?

Pluto and Other Things

Friday, February 13, 2015

Bob's Bytes

Topics of the day:  Optical Disks (CDs/DVDs/BRs - sorry, it's hard to make this stuff exciting), Samsung listening TVs, the Verizon In-Home Agent, David Pogue, the MagicJack, and Google Earth Pro.

Popular links:

  • "Strength and Beauty" Acrobats:  <link>
  • Funny Chicago Kiss Cam:  <link>
  • David Pogue TED talk, 10 tips:  <link>
  • Google Earth Pro <link>  (use license: "GEPFREE")
  • Bob Rankin's MagicJack review:  <link>
  • Verizon's In Home Agent:   <link>