Saturday, June 25, 2016

Envy Part 4, Win10 part 2, & Favorite Websites

Our HP Envy Desktop Part 4: SSD installation
My Win10 Recommendation Part 2: Download & install
& lots of websites!

Rather than have links, here's are the *names* of the websites we looked at.  If it's not obvious what the URL is, Google 'em!

Strange Facts:
Gizmo's Freeware:  my choice for finding free software and reviews thereof
My Home pages:  Twistedsifter, Woot, Xkcd, Joy of Tech, and Yahoo Tech
Good Computer Help:  HowToGeek, SevenForums, AskLeo
Shopping:  Amazon, Monoprice, NewEgg, Woot & TigerDirect

Friday, June 17, 2016

Pre-Social Videos

As promised, here are links to the videoes shown at our social.  Most are to YouTube, but there are some others mixed in.  Because some are long, they are behind the word <link>.  And for insiders, there are some in here that I was holding in reserve in case we were late.  :-)
  • Shanghai Disneyland Ignite the Dream Water Fireworks Show, 0:20:41 <Link>
  • Don Friesen: Forgot Password, 0:05:01 <Link>
  • If it Fits, I Sits the Supercut, 0:02:16 <Link>
  • Epic Old Man - Picking Up Young Ladies, 0:01:45 <Link>
  • Duck Amuck, 0:06:59 <Link>
  • Shanghai Disneyland, Soarin' Over The Horizon, 0:03:56 <Link>
  • Stabilization Stress Test - Crazy Wingsuit flight, 0:00:50 <Link>
  • The Universe in 4 Minutes, 0:04:11 <Link>
  • Shakira - Try Everything (Official Video), 0:03:22 <Link>
  • Evolution of the Disney Princess, 0:08:31 <Link>
  • This is Your Fight Song (Rachel Platten Scottish Cover), 0:04:54 <Link>
  • Aladdin Magic Carpet San Franciso, 0:03:01 <Link>
  • Laura Sumrall's "Let it Go" Wins World Freestyle Reining Title, 0:05:04 <Link>
  • Volkswagen Trailer Assist - Backing up a trailer, 0:01:03 <Link>
  • Behind the scenes - Volkswagen Trailer Assist, 0:01:40 <Link>
  • Star Wars Medley - The Force Awakens, 0:05:11 <Link>
  • Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder, 0:02:55 <Link>
  • “Strip Poker” Centrum Silver, 0:00:40 <Link>
  • Conowingo Dam Bald Eagles, 0:04:59 <Link>
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow 2011 - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole, 0:03:26 <Link>
  • Lava, 0:07:11 <Link>
  • Kitten Therapy: The Prescription for Stress, 0:03:04 <Link>
  • So God Made a Dog, 0:01:55 <Link>
  • My Beautiful America - the Charlie Daniels Band, 0:04:22 <Link>
  • God Bless the USA - The Texas Tenors, 0:03:00 <Link>
  • Guilding Hands - Conan, 0:01:22 <Link>
  • Where the Hell is Matt_ 2012, 0:04:53 <Link>

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Clutter & Good Q's

First, Anne Eidschun's talk from June 2nd on Clutter - Both Physical and Mental!

Second, Bob's presentation from June 9th:

  • Partitions for Beginners (Sorry, lots of tech details here)
  • How to rip a DVD with Handbrake (I still don't know why the live demo didn't work)
  • Windows for Sore Eyes (How to make things bigger and easier to read)
  • Win10 Recommendation, Part 1.  (First ... Make an image!)