Thursday, December 13, 2012

Good Questions: Windows8 & eBooks

ok, so I didn't get to 'Do not Track' or Kim Komando - but we did get to talk alot about Windows 8 and eBooks.  Here are the slides:

The pre-show had mostly Christmas videos.  Here they are:
The Ultimate Chameleon Tongue Montage!!
NASA the Earth at Night
Faith Hill Where are You Christmas HD
Italian (Som Sabadell) Flash Mob
"You raise me up" Celtic Women
Holiday Christmas Music Flash Mob
Lights of Tanea - 2011 Queen of the winter night
T-Mobile's Home for the Holidays

Thursday, December 6, 2012

eBay & Etsy - Jodi Boyko

Slides from Jodi's Presentation:

Preshow Videos from this week:

The Longest 3D Domino Structure Ever - 18,800 Dominoes
•The Ultimate Chameleon Tongue Montage!
•Best Friend Dawg - the Original Motorcycle Dog
•Surfin' Bulldog
•Tangled Ever After – Mini-Movie

Preshow Videos from last week:
•GOES-13 Sandy Superstorm; Oct 23 (Tues) Thru 31 Oct (weds) (Monday, 29 was the worst day for Delaware)
•1000 hand dance
•Driving in Russia
•How it's Made - Hot Dogs
•Ghost Rider - Moscow Ride