Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Last One (of the year)

Topics of the day:
  • Angler Phishing
  • A/V Copying: Analog to Digital copying (VHS>DVD, LPs>CDs) and Digital to Digital copying (DVD or CD > files)
  • Speeding up an old XP computer
  • OT: The Orville
  • Beginner’s Corner:  “Opening” files; Video Cables
  • Net Neutrality & an update
  • Deleting Duplicative Files With Ccleaner & Clonespy
  • What’s the “Best” CPU?
  • Comparing the new iMac to Dell Insp 27 AIO


Bonus - I forgot to print these handouts!  Click <link> to open and optionally download your copy.
  • The Audio/Video Cable Guide <link>
  • How to delete duplicate files with Ccleaner and CloneSpy <link>