Friday, June 18, 2021

Bob"s Bytes for June 10th - Ransomware & More

 Topics of the Day:

  • News & Comment
    • Project Hail Mary
    • Patch Tuesday – something new 
    • Free Games & Club Freebies
    • SpaceX Award & Progress
  • Hacked Comcast account
  • Amazon Sidewalk
  • Telephone Spam
  • Ransomware
    • A deep dive into the DarkSide
  • SG’s rant on current security

It was a link-heavy presentation, here they are:

  • A Book Recommendation:  <link> (or just Google it for a preview)
  • Something new in Windows 10, a Weather Widget <link>
  • Free Casual Games:  <link>
  • I'm stuck on Homescapes <link> I'm at level 2058!
  • SpaceX's Starship (video explainer) <link>
  • Check your email and passwords for 'pwnage' <link>
  • What to do if your email account is 'hacked' <link>
  • President Trump's new website <link> (seriously)
  • About Porn Spam <link> Made you look!
  • Fix Dell Drive Vulnerability <link> I'd call it important, but not critical
  • Amazon Sidewalk: Explainer <link> It's ok says Steve Gibson <link>
  • What to do with Text message Spam: <link

A deep dive into the Continental ransomware attack, all from Steve Gibson's Security Now! podcast.  These links are to his notes, check out <link> for downloads and transcripts. even has video, that's where the original of the rant came from.  <link>

I found Steve's rant, "The Great CyberSecurity Awaking of 2021," spot on.  You can hear the whole thing on the link above, I shortened it to 7:45 which you can watch <here>.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Bob's Bytes for 27 April 2021

 An yet another Bob's Bytes - my third one in a row.

Topics of the day:

  • We lost one of our founding members in Grace Owen this week: <RIP>
  • Yes, the IRS may ask for your Credit Card number:  <link
  • The James Webb Space Telescope Deployment in Detail:  <link>
  • The Greatest Story Ever Told [Where it all began} <link> (the start of the personal computer)
  • And some good Q&A from the members ...

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Bob's Bytes for 22 April 2021

An unexpected presentation - our presenter cancelled, so BobB filled in.

Links of the day:

Other things talked about:

  • Phish email from "Xfinity"
  • What's a 'ZIP' file?
  • Web cams Bob likes, and a good, cheap security camera