Friday, April 6, 2018

Spam, Spam, Spam!

Topics of the day:
  • Spam, etc. Discussions:  Examples / Unsubscribing, Phishing & Other Threats, What’s Crypto-Currency?, “Microsoft Rewards” Spam?, What Annoys Me, and The ultimate fix!
  • 10 Quickie Q&A’s: Smart Phone Space, Syncing Clouds, Free Music, Transfer things from phone to computer, Edit photos on Win10, Making Photos smaller, Organizing photos, Organizing email, Is Free Wifi Safe?, and the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant. (yes, you can uninstall it)
  • “Facebook?” in the news


  • 97% of Spam from just 2 Botnets <link>
  • Michigan states users aren't careful <link>
  • 3 of the 4 top malware threats are Crypto-currency Miners <link>
  • Microsoft Reward Bribes to use Edge, Bing and the MS Store:  <link>
  • Ask Bob Rankin - backup books <link>
  • Ask Leo Notenboom - backup books <link>
  • Backup your webmail locally, "Mailstore" <link>
  • Bob R doesn't like Facebook <link>
  • Deleting your Facebook Account help page <link> (login to get the delete button)
  • Entire TekThing episode including Facebook rant:  <link> (37 minutes)
  • Just the part about reviewing Facebook settings:  <link> (6 minutes)