Monday, November 5, 2018

Next! (Or actually, the first in a while)

Topics of the day

Tech News:

* We've now got a new-to-us B&N "Nook" ereader in our lending library.
* Google now signs you into Chrome without asking.  And remembers you email address.
* Freezing your credit reports at the Big 3 is now free.
* California passed a Net Neutrality bill and gets sued.  By the Federal Government!
* Microsoft withdraws the Windows 10 October update due to customer data loss.
* Did Google hide Google+ data breech?  90% of user sessions in Google+ were <90 seconds.
* The Tesla 3 is the 4th best selling sedan in 3Q 2018, beating all US brands.
* There is a kit to make the Toyota Prius Prime self-driving. (Less than it appears.)

Is this a Phish?  How to dissect and research an unknown email.
Spam or Not?  Email examples: Unsubscribe, Spam, Ignore or Delete?
Dark Patterns Video.  Yes, they are trying to trick you

* Free eReader program:
* Google Chrome Login:
* Free Credit Freeze:
* Net Neutrality:
* Windows 10 1809 Feature update:
* Google problem with Google+:
* Best selling Tesla 3: 
* Toyota Prius Prime can drive itself:
* Find where an email really came from: * If you're hacked:
* Driver Booster (driver updater): But beware the 'dark patterns!"
* Dark Patterns Video: - The one shown.
   Longer, more detailed: