Thursday, July 6, 2017

Passwords - Tips and Tricks

Intro: for the mildly paranoid
What do you do if you forget  your password?
    Or it doesn’t work?
Cracking Passwords
How are passwords stored?
    How passwords are cracked
   Lesson: creating a good PW
LastPass: Password Manager

Pew Research Quiz on Cyber Security:
9 Security tips for the Midly Paranoid:
I'm given up on password because of this:
Information about found passwords:
LastPass Help:

And the answer?  Next time!

AARP Fraud Presentation

From 15 June:

Note:  If downloaded you can see all the notes associated with each slide.

WIndows 10 f/Windows 7 Users

(Sorry - I thought I had posted this before.)

Worried about the 'new' interface of Windows 10?  Worry no longer, this one's for you: a 'how to' for Windows 10 users: The Desktop, Menu & Taskbar, the new 'Settings' Dialogs, change the default browser, and Apps vs. Programs.