Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jodi Boyko: Facebook Savvy

Jodi details the new changes in Facebook.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Anne Eidschun: Your Grandchildren

Anne Eidschun from Griswold Home Care; Full title:  Enhancing Your Relationship With Your Grandchildren.  Revealing results from surveys of grand kids:  both what they want us to do and what they don't.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Answers and Distractions

Distractions First:  (All links open in a new tab)
The Preshow Birds of Paradise Project (New Guinea, Australia)  <link>
100 years old and still funny, Leno interviews Dorothy Custer.  <link>
Convoy Movie Trailer/Promo <link> Based on the CW McCall Song
Wing Suiter meets his maker <link> Kinda set the stage for the whole presentation!
The Chippendoubles from Britain's got Talent <link> I did not see that coming, and neither did the judges.
Ray Jessel - his girlfriend had a surprise for him <link>
PC Don's Classic Country download page <link>
C.W. McCall's Crispy Critters <link>
C.W. McCall is Bill Fires Jr. and he's really an interesting person.  Started writing advertising jingles, here's one of his first for 'Old Home Bread.' <link>One can really hear his signature style.  There is a web page devoted to him <link> and an interesting story here.  <link>  He's now 85 years old and still singing.  This is a somewhat strange video done just a couple of years ago, "Coming Back for More".  <link>
Would you vote for this Guy?  <link>  Gil Fulbright, the "Honest Politician."  This very funny ad is only half in jest, the crowd-sourced "campaign" is attacking the $100M that is being spent to get either Mich McConnell(R) or Alison Grimes(D) elected to the US Senate.  75%+ of that money is from out of the state of Kentucky.  Here's Gil "I'll do anything for money" Fulbright's website <link> with many more campaign videos.  For only $500 he'll do a video on whatever topic you want!  <link>
The Closing Video - C.W. McCall's Black Bear Road <link> Laney Dee confirms that this road really exists and they have driven it - even before it was paved!

Answers: (in the slide show below)
How to Type a ☺?  The handouts in case you missed them:  <link> and <link>, or in PDF: <link> and <link>
How to make the text bigger while printing emails
How to become a 'Cordcutter?'
Neat Map sites: and
What's "the cloud?"
What about Ancestry's Denial of Service attack?
Real Time Cyber Attacks:  Very video-game like!
Warriors of the Net Movie:  <link>  How the Internet works.
What's the Best Browser?  (Like asking which is the best car.)
Great add-on for Privacy from the EFF:  Privacy Badger  <link>
What is Bandwidth?  (Either how fast is your connection or how much data can you download)  <link>
Using our new Website's Q&A pages  <link>
Is Avast no longer free?  <link>  Yes, it's still free; but watch out for free trials!
Where to Get Free Music?  (where I got really distracted!  {grin})

Wow.  That was a lot of stuff!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 31, 2014 - "That's a Good Question!"

If you haven't taken our survey, take it now, it's easy!  Click <here>

Questions addressed:
What's the basis of the Netflix / Verizon spat?
What happened to Truecrypt?
How fast is this (or that) Computer?
Want some free Microsoft Books?
Where did the games go in Windows 8?
What's the difference between a Windows Account and a Microsoft Account?
And a resolution of sorts of Aereo vs. the broadcasters.