Sunday, November 23, 2014

That's a Good Topic!

First, watch this video "Last Week Tonight w/John Oliver."  Hilarious and true!  <link>  The key phrase that has since turned viral:  "Tom Wheeler is {like} a Dingo."  Ya gotta watch it to understand.

I ran a bit short on questions this week, so here's some favorite topics of mine:

Topics covered:  Verizon Customer Tracking, Net Neutrality (and a letter to the News Journal I wrote), a neat animated GIF of Jupiter Asteroids, Why do galaxies rotate (Black Matter? Black Energy?  Nobody knows!) Why Pluto isn't a planet, Still using XP?, Buying software and avoiding Crapware.

Some videos to watch while you're waiting for the next Senior Surfer Presentation:

  • This Week in Tech (TWiT): Net Neutrality.  <link>  A much more reasoned discussion and why NN is not easy to describe or 'fix.'  This presentation changed my opinion about 'Title II' and whether that's the way to fix the problem.
  • A link to my Letter-to-the-Editor:  <link>  Annoyingly they deleted (edited) my first and fifth paragraph, and I’m not real happy with the headline they used.  But it was published, a simplistic answer to a overly simplified editorial.  The complete letter is in the presentation above.
  • I was wrong on the answer to Windows 8.1 updates:  The 8.2 update was *not* included in  the automatic, critical updates - one had to manually select it.  Here's the instructions how to do it right from Microsoft:  <link>
  • CGP Grey explains Net Neutrality.  <link>  He's correct, though Title II may not be the way out.  Besides monopolistic ISPs, bandwidth hogs of several types have to be considered.
  • The award winning short 'Sidewalk - A Woman's Life'  <link>
  • And if you really read this far, send me a note to - sometimes we all wonder if anyone is really listening.  :-)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

3 Horror Stories

Ok, ok  ... One horror story, one near miss, and one future maybe horror.  <grin>
The horror story was an member's unpleasant encounter with 'CryptoWall,' the second was a unexpected 'Black Screen of Death' on my personal computer (after seen the same thing on over 10 different computers in the last month), and "Humans need not Apply," a video when computers and robots have taken over of many of the jobs we people do. (link below)

Your Family Tree Explained:  <link>
Humans need not apply <link>