Tuesday, March 6, 2018


(Sorry about the delay in posting ... but I did get it in before Laney's presentation on Thursday!)

This was the second Q&A of the year – we’ll even have a third.  And if the ‘Good Questions®’ keep rolling in, even more!  Send those Good Questions® to Ask@nscsurfers.org.  And a hint: even Stupid Questions® can make this list - Stupid Questions® are my specialty!

The Q&A for the week:
  • You die.  What happens to your social media accounts?
  • How to do Speech Recognition on Phones and Windows 10
  • What are the best features of Windows 10?
  • The new Windows 10 anti-ransomware feature
  • Should I ‘Cut the cord?’ and drop cable TV?

    I was asked, “Why do I put [or hide!] links like this, <link>?”  That is because often links are long, and simply become too hard to read.  That said, you should *always* preview a link before clicking on it by hovering the mouse pointer over the link to see where it goes.  If it goes somewhere weird, don’t click it!

  • The strange/funny Japanese game show “Slippery Stairs” <link>
  • Wayne Brady’s Thriller cover  <link>
  • Sixteen Tums by the Parody Project <link>  (There are other wonderful videos by these guys, but maybe too political for some.  Check ‘em out!)
  • Jedi vs Sith Guitar Battle, “The Last Shredi” <link>
  • Punctuation commands in Android <link>
  • Windows 10 Speech to Text Reference Sheet <link>
  • StatCounter, Market Share Stats <link> (click ‘edit chart data’ to see more!)
  • Installing a digital Adaptor <link> (a funny video blast from the past!)
  • Tom’s guide to cord cutting <link>
  • Consumer reports say to get an Antenna <link>
  • The best cord-cutter’s Trifecta <link>
  • Cord Cutter Myths: Lifehacker<link>, Gomohu<link>, and Tablotv<link> (and they don't always agree with each other!  fun.)
  • Huffington Post Cord cutter problems <link>
  • CNet reviews Streaming Services  <link>
  • PC Mag’s Best Streaming Services <link>

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