Friday, May 9, 2014

Simple Answers to: Windows 8, MSE&XP, Heartbleed, Crapware and More!

Wow, I was not expecting such a land rush at the end of the presentation for the hand-out!  You can get your own copy of the two hand-outs here:  click <here> for the note on Windows XP and MSE and <here> for the Crapware Removal paper.  Bonus:  I added a section in the latter on how to reset your browser.  Crapware often also makes configuration changes to browsers, and unfortunately, changed Home Pages and Search engines, may not be reverted when the crapware is removed.  'Resetting' your browser will remove all of these customizations.

Topics covered were:  Amazon Smile, Migrating Windows XP to 8, the Heartbleed bug, running MSE on XP, and Crapware Removal.

Preshow videos:
Ultimate Close Call Compilation 2014 || Uniformedia
Smack the Pony Window Cleaner
Lurpak Cook's Range - Adventure Awaits
Epic Grilled Cheese
Still Alive (End credits from Portal)

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